Our winners:
The best voice (Performer / Points)
Out 1503
MMAD CATZ?!! 1501
Alaya / Tadapaka 1420
The best cover (Performer / Points)
Tadapaka - Dead 1396
MMAD CATZ?!! - Preview 1382
Out - Power 1359

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The winners will get:
  • The first place: 2 Vacuum original CD singles + Big Vacuum calendar with the personal autograph of Mattias + badge + certificate to hang on the wall
  • The second place: 1 Vacuum original CD single + Big Vacuum calendar with the personal autograph of Mattias + badge + certificate to hang on the wall
  • The third place: Big Vacuum calendar with the personal autograph of Mattias+ badge + certificate to hang on the wall
Our participants:

Dear friends! organized the next musical contest for you! The idea of the contest was born and discussed at our Foruum. It will be sort of Singing Fans Show, but with new features to provide more amusement for participants and spectators!

So, VacuumVision! Contest is opened and all Vacuum fans are invited to take part in it!

The main idea of the contest didn't change since Singing Fans Show. You need to record some Vacuum cover and send it to us! We will publish it and then the spectators will choose the winners in 2 nominations: "Best vocal" and "Best cover". And maybe there will be more nominations, we will see. After the public voting Mattias will kindly provide his opinion about the contest and the each cover, participated in it.

Now please read the the details of the contest:
  1. The contest is lasting for the whole summer time and more. From June 1 to October 31, 2006
  2. To participate in the contest, you should send us your cover for some Vacuum song + a couple of words about you and your photo. The info and photo (or avatar) can be true or not true - lets your fantasy work! ;)
  3. You can not change the original composition of the Vacuum song. You can translate the lyrics to another language but you can not change the lyrics.
  4. You can record the covers with your friends as duos or trios and so on :)
  5. You can send any supportive materials of you as participant (i.e. collages, videos and so on), though it is not necessarily.
  6. If you are a good musician, you can make a music for your cover yourself. The point of this competition is to hear Vacuum songs in your own arrangement! If no, you can use midi files from Vacuum midi rubric or make a karaoke file using Yogen Vocal Remover. And after all, you can record your cover without music :)
  7. As soon as you record your cover, please send it with your info and supportive materials (if any) to in mp3 or wma format. Or you can email us and we will provide you our FTP server to upload the song right there.
  8. Each participant can send not more than 3 covers
  9. Each participant will get a so called *press conference*, where spectators will ask him/her their questions and share their opinions about the cover. The press conference will replace the comments system, used in Singing Fans Show. It will be provided at our Foruum. If you don't want any press-conference, you can refuse it, no problem. But it's a good way to promote yourself among the spectators ;)
  10. You can record the covers from any Vacuum album, but we and Mattias are interested in hearing the covers of the newest songs: from Your Whole Life Is Leading Up album or later :) (as the songs from the old albums were presented at Singing Fans Show).
  11. The winners will get good prizes, be sure! :)
  12. Good luck!

  13. We're waiting for your works

Participants: (alphabetically) A D F H M O S T
(the quantity of downloads of the each cover you can see at the pages of participants)
Ak-86. Click at the picture to enlarge Ak-86 presents: Read more about Ak-86
Email: Leave your comment!
Alaya. Click at the picture to enlarge Alaya presents: Read more about Alaya
Press-conference: Leave your comment!
Ave GuardRo. Click at the picture to enlarge Ave GuardRo presents: Read more about Ave GuardRo
Press-conference: Leave your comment!
DAKar. Click at the picture to enlarge DAKar presents: Read more about DAKar
Press-conference: Leave your comment!
Four Drunk Voices In The Park. Click at the picture to enlarge Four Drunk Voices In The Park presents: Read more about Four Drunk Voices In The Park
Press-conference: Leave your comment!
Hungry Cat. Click at the picture to enlarge Hungry Cat presents: Read more about Hungry Cat
Press-conference: Leave your comment!
THE MMAD CATZ?!!. Click at the picture to enlarge THE MMAD CATZ?!! presents: Read more about THE MMAD CATZ?!!
Press-conference: Leave your comment!
Out. Click at the picture to enlarge Out presents: Read more about Out
Press-conference: Leave your comment!
Oxana. Click at the picture to enlarge Oxana presents: Read more about Oxana
Press-conference: Leave your comment!
Saanvi. Click at the picture to enlarge Saanvi presents: Read more about Saanvi
Press-conference: Leave your comment!
Satellite Satellite presents: Read more about Satellite
Press-conference: Leave your comment!
Silen Poems. Click at the picture to enlarge
Silent Poems. Click at the picture to enlarge
Silent Poems presents: Single "Zai Si" ("Dead" in Chinese) Single "Something Evil I Love" Read more about Silent Poems
Press-conference: Leave your comment!
Tadapaka Tadapaka presents: Dead (It's beautiful): Read more about Tadapaka
Press-conference: Leave your comment!


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