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Saanvi. Click at the picture to enlarge Saanvi (Anatoly Savenkov) has already published his great parodies of Vacuum songs in our "Remixes and Covers" department. Now he participates in VacuumV!sion with these parodies, which were re-sung. The both covers are in Russian.

Saanvi about himself:
I'm a person, who creates music. I'm also being a programmer. But music is the primary thing I do. I like many styles, among of them: funk, rap, house, hip-hop, disco, pop, new age, reggae and jazz. I personally create pop and disco compositions, sometimes (maybe) trance and techno.

A little more about his music
I've started to learn music when I was six. Those were the days, when I get some difficulties with learning piano, and I've been trying to escape from the music school... I could never imagine that music will play such a big role in my further life. My parents were trying to change my opinion about music and encouraged me to learn violin. I've been learning violin for 4 years, but it wasn't enough to wake up a musician in my soul, though I've demonstrated very good results in music education. Then I've returned to piano and continued to play on this instrument. But at this time I've noticed, that I can easily play more of the popular pop & disco compositions without any training - just on the fly. At the same time (about 1989) I've started to work with computers and keyboards, and this kind of work has involved me in new experience and learning. In 1999 I've started to work at my own compositions.

More info about Saanvi you can find out at his great site -

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