Singing Vacuum Fans Show

Thank you all, who took part in the Singing Fans Show and voted for the best song and voice!
We have 3 winners: Chris Schell (best song), Anonymous (best voice) and Illuminati (2nd place in both polls), who will get their prizes as soon as possible :). Congratulations!
Also for your comments here and to email, we have another winner Valenok (3rd place in Fans voting & the best creative work prize for Synth Lullaby)

Download the songs from singing Vacuum fans :)
Mattias' short comments:add your comment
First of all! What a nice idea Nika had when she started this! It's soooo flattering and nice to hear these recordings! What can I say? Vacuum-people are talented!!! Love You all! Thank You! I made some comments!
with love,

  • Illuminati - Starting where the story ended/Tonnes Of Attraction
    Well, this is a very important song to me. It was written during a special time in my life. It's a difficult song to sing due to the big jumps in the vocal-line. It's great to hear it in this Vince Clark -ish version;-)
  • Anonymous no1 - Starting where the story ended/Illuminati/Atlas Shrugged/Icaros/Let the mountain...
    Now, here's some versions with a lot of passion in it. I can really hear that You are into these songs. That's a nice warm feeling! Great vocals!!! You must hae been singing for a long time. Maybe even professionally? Very, very nice!
  • Aniv - Nuclear India/Tears Of A Nation
    Really, really serious versions! You got the message that's for sure! Great to hear Nuclear India. I always loved to sing that song. It's also very hard to sing! You've put lots of love into this!!!
  • Satellite - Le culture de la nuit
    Hehehe! In french! That's great. That song always had a small french feel to it! Lovely, just lovely!
  • Chris Schell - Let the mountain...
    Really nice synth-poppy version!!! Love the changes after the chorus. Interesting!!!! A little ravy as well! Well done! Nice girl backingvocals. Bring the home to seeeee. That's the best part. Kraftwerk -ish!
  • Sid Saiver - Starting where the story ended
    Very synth! Some really low vocals there! Siberian basses!;-) Love the electronica. It's sort of stiff in a good way. Very creative!
  • Valenok - Satyricon, Synth Lullaby
    Very spiritual. Has a nice churchy touch to it. Nice vocals. Lots of heart. Vocals are to me all about heart and here it is! Also nice to hear a song I haven't listened to in a long time. Lots of memories comes up! The lullaby. Love it. Very creative. I did a version similar to this one but with acoustic guitar live once. You are talented Valenok! I got goosebumps! I feel that you have the music in Your heart.


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