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Dear friends!

We have seen the growing development of the VacuumV!sion contest and we're mighty impressed. Vacuum and Sony ATV Music Publishing are now inviting You to a new competition! Starting November 1st we want You to start sending in demos of songs that You have written on Your own. Original work, not covers. The competition's deadline is January 31st. That's 3 months for You to get creative.

After that, the jury, consisting of Mattias Lindblom and Anders Wollbeck from Vacuum together with Nicholas Johansson from Sony ATV Music Publishing, will listen to the songs and choose one winner. The jury will give a professional opinion on all the contributions.

So, what do You win? Well, this is the great part! Sony ATV will take the winning song and try to get it to a recording artist! Your song will get a chance and will be professionally handled by a real publisher. The results of the competition will be posted on Vacuum Music.

Rules are below!
This competition is meant for the Vacuum-fans visiting Vacuum Music so you need to be at least a registered member of the foruum.
The rules are simple:
1. It has to be an original song. It can not be a cover! You have to compose it.
2. You need to present a demo of the song. You can not use illegal samples etc.
3. A 3 song maximum per constellation of writers.
4. You can compose in whatever style, language or arrangement you want.
5. All contributions will be published at Vacuum Music after January 31st.
6. Have a great time.

Simple as that! Good luck and we look forward to many great songs in January!

Please send your song(s) to

Also please send us your nick at the foruum and a short description of the song(s). You will get a confirmation email, your songs are accepted, shortly!


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