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Silent Poems. Click at the picture to enlarge Silent Poems is a label of Kiev talented youth organized by Sergey aka Brute.
Zai Si (Dead) is first single of this project for Vacuumvision, as exactly this song was first that Vacuum start its performance with on Kiev festival Chaika-5.
Single includes 2 version of Zai Si: Hard and Ethho.
Hard version is attempt to reconstruct a style that Dead was performed first time in like it's kept in fans' memory. Ethno version, eastern interpretation of this song influenced by polynesian music, was created to show conceptual unity of lyrics and arrangement.
Single Zai Si on the whole is attempt to underline versatility of original song contrary to its laconicism.
Vocal - Brute, Music - Aaron, Sleeve Design - Natali.



Silent Poems - лэйбл талантливой молодежи Киева, организованный Сергеем aka Brute.
Zai Si (Dead) - символически первый "сингл" этого проекта на Vacuumvision, так как именно с этой песни Vacuum начал своё выступление на фестивале Чайка-5 в Киеве.
Сингл включил в себя 2 версии Zai Si: Hard и Ethno.
Версия Hard - это попытка воссоздать тот стиль, в котором Dead была исполнена впервые, так, как её запомнили.
Версия Этно - восточная (не без полинезийского влияния) интерпретация композиции, была создана для того, чтобы показать концептуальное единство текста и аранжировки.
Сингл "Zai Si" в целом - это попытка подчеркнуть многогранность оригинальной композиции вопреки её лаконичности.
Вокал - Brute, Аранжировка - Aaron, Дизайн обложки - Natali.
Silent Poems, Киев, Украина.

Silent Poems. Click at the picture to enlargeSilent Poems. Click at the picture to enlarge "Something Evil I Love" single
Just few words about "Something Evil" single. We've chosen this song to make a cover 'cos some members of SP experienced same feelings even before this song was released. This song also reflects some part of our own history too…
Intro Bach J.S. performed by Romanchenko (Antique_Dust)
Something Evil I Love - Wollbeck/Lindblom & Romanchenko/Majarovskiy
Producing and Composing cover version by Romanchenko
Lead Vocal and Composing cover version by Majarovskiy
Back Vocals by Pandora and Violet_Touch
Photo by Brute/Prowler
Sleeve design by L'antira/Brute
Silent Poems, Kiev, Ukraine.

Silent Poems presents: Single "Zai Si" ("Dead" in Chinese) Single "Something Evil I Love" Silent Poems at
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